Strategic Project Programme - Overview programmes to give clients a road map of a particular construction venture


Tender Programmes - Design, Procurement & Construction Programmes to assist with contractor submissions.

Logistics Planning - Site layouts throughout the project stages identifying the plant and equipment required to enable work faces to be fed with labour and materials

Baseline Construction Programmes - Full, in-depth construction programmes with milestones, pre-construction activities, procurement, and all activities necessary to cover the scope of work on a particular project. Most contractors are capable of putting together a schedule that can be used to manage construction to some degree, but a large percentage of programmes have serious flaws that reduce the programme's use both as a management tool and as a tool for measuring progress. Even if the original schedule has been prepared using the best practices the updates are often incomplete and lack detail especially as work scope changes change the original sequencing.

Graphical Plans / Phasing Diagrams - Visual descriptions of areas of work on a project. Helps communicate the programme to the entire project team.


Experience of planning projects in all sectors of the construction industry.

Project Planning

Project Progress Monitoring - Carry out the monitoring of progress on a construction site. Through this process, team members can get an independent view on whether their project is behind and or ahead of schedule, and can then see an up to date version of future activities. Enhanced updating can include analysis of current vs. planned progress, earned value calculations, correction of out-of-sequence logic and identifying potential problem areas, impacts, and variations. There are a number of reporting techniques designed to heighten awareness as to the status of the project.



Resource Loaded Programmes - We can assign resources to activities illustrating requirements and constraints.

Development of Other  Special Reports & Graphics - We pride ourselves in delivering exactly what a project team needs to have a successful project..


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